Don Dalgity Memorial Dart Tournament

On Saturday February 11th, the 2nd Don Dalgity Memorial Dart Tournament was held at the Branch, the first being before Covid. The tournament consisted of 18 Mixed Double teams, there was great competition and a lot of fun. Winners of this year’s event was Doral Munro and Randi-Lee Bell who beat John Dalgity and Diane Juby in the final game of the day and 3rd place winners were Carol Bowden and Brenda Logan.

A big thank you to all volunteers that helped throughout the day at the Branch as well as Brian Leonard for contributing towards the success of the event! Proceeds were donated back to the Branch and to the donation jar for Mercedez Young which is located at the Branch bar.

Winners were congratulated and presented to by Debbie Morton and Debbie also participated in the event.

First Place winners Doral Munro and Randi-Lee Bell.

Second place winners John Dalgity and Diane Juby.

Third place winners Carol Bowden and Brenda Logan.

Highest Score Female, Brenda Logan 122, Highest finish Randi-Lee Bell 68

Highest Finish Male, Scott Bowden 81

Highest Score Male, John Dalgity, Doral Munro, Carl Bowden & Wayne Barrett, a four way tie at 140